Why Systema?




What’s so different about SYSTEMA?

It’s all in the bristles.

It’s the proprietary super-tapered bristles that are 0.02mm at the tip—ie. 1/10 the diameter of regular toothbrush bristles. This feature makes it possible to penetrate deep within the narrow crevices of periodontal pocket and between the teeth and gums to effectively remove the grime that causes periodontal disease, delivering a high level of oral cleanliness.
In contrast to conventional products, the standard bristles are not able to reach into the gum line, resulting in accumulation of plaque and hurting the gums.

Get rid of harmful plaque that causes periodontal disease with Systema’s Gum Care toothbrush.

Comparison of gum line penetration between Systema’s and standard bristle tips
This goes beyond conventional toothbrushes to enable effective brushing while providing a sensation of cleanliness produced by the bristle tips entering the periodontal pocket.


No.1* selling toothbrush in Japan

Released to the market in 1993 in Japan, with Lion’s proprietary super-tapered bristles, they have been the No. 1 * selling brand in the toothbrush market in Japan for 11 years due to their high level of customer popularity.
*based on Japan’s INTAGE SRI Retailer Tracking data Oral Care Category Value Sales CY2013
The bristles are made from high-grade PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), more durable than ordinary nylon bristles. In addition to its unique 0.02mm patented super-tapered tips of the bristles that are soft and gentle for gum care, Systema’s range of toothbrushes also feature a smaller compact brush head size.

SYSTEMA’s Brush Head Sizes for Comparison

If you are looking for a smaller brush head size, try our Compact or Super Compact.


COMPACT brush head with Soft bristles
  • Its the softest toothbrush you can possibly find. This is our bestseller! If you prefer a brush head size that is smaller than the compact brush head, try the Super Compact toothbrush.
COMPACT brush head with Medium bristles
  • For those who prefer a firmer feel, medium bristles is available. The difference between soft and medium bristles is that medium bristles has more bristles to give it a firmer feel when brushing.

Generally, whether it is a manual or powered, dentists recommend toothbrushes with soft bristles and toothbrush head size that is small enough to allow access to clean sides and backs of your molars.

SYSTEMA’s range of toothbrushes are all manufactured with the same 0.02mm tapered bristle tip.