About Us

Healthygums, an Australian company based in Newcastle, importer and distributor of Systema’s range of toothbrushes.

Peter Beard and Lai Lai Wong formed Healthygums Pty Limited in 2013.

This adventurous couple decided to start their own business, making this new brand of toothbrush available in Australia.

After much research, they felt that there is a gap in the market for soft toothbrushes that cared for gums. Systema is different because of its patented super tapered 0.02 mm bristle tip that is effective yet gentle on the gums.

Focused on dental surgeries, they successfully created brand awareness and built customer trust. Response has been great and many dentists and dental hygienists have switched to Systema.

The brand SYSTEMA is Japan’s number one oral hygiene brand, manufactured by Lion Corporation, Japan. LION is a popular household brand name in Japan.

Lion Corporation is Japan’s biggest seller of top ranking toothpastes and a major producer of soaps, detergents, medications and other toiletries. They are a highly respected public listed company that have overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and many other countries in South East Asia.