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Peter Beard and Lai Lai Wong formed Healthygums in 2013

Systema’s range of toothbrushes is new in Australia, imported and distributed by Healthygums, an Australian company based in Sydney.

Peter Beard and Lai Lai Wong formed Healthygums in 2013.

“The bristles are different and our mission is to make this brand popular in Australia as in Japan, a gentle brush that is good for the gums”.

The brand SYSTEMA is Japan’s number one oral care brand where they have a complete range of oral hygiene products, manufactured by Lion Corporation. Lion Corporation is a highly respected public listed company that manufactures detergent, soap, medications and other toiletries, a popular house hold name in Japan.

After much research, they felt that there is a gap in the market for soft toothbrushes that cared for gums. Systema’s toothbrushes highlighted gum care with its patented super tapered 0.02 mm bristle tip. It’s a toothbrush that delivers gentle brushing and care for the gums.

Dentists often recommend soft bristles as a hard one could damage the gums, root surface and the protective tooth enamel. And a brush with a small head that easily clean all dental surfaces, right to the back corners of the mouth.

This adventurous couple decided to start their own business, making this new brand of toothbrush available in Australia. With Peter’s 27 years in pro shop retail and Lai Lai’s sales and marketing years in the pharma industry, they make a great team.

Very quickly with a great product and good entrepreneurship, they created brand awareness and built customer trust. Focused on dental surgeries, they successfully distribute to more than 200 hundred in Sydney where many of the dentists and hygienists themselves are using the toothbrushes. They value the support and encouragement from dentists and dental hygienists.

They keep busy in their spare time with a round of golf. After all, Peter is a golf professional and Lai Lai is a keen golfer too.


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