Why choose Systema?

Systema Gum Care toothbrush is soft and gentle on gums because its bristle tip gets right into the periodontal pocket. Penetrate deeper along gum line to give it a better clean and very gentle on the gums.More...


It's all in the bristles.

SYSTEMA range of toothbrushes, KODOMO and SONIC included, all comes with the same 0.02 mm bristle tip
The tapered bristle is 0.02mm at the bristle tip, 1/10 the diameter of ordinary round ended bristles.
The tapered bristle tip is designed to:
- Penetrate deeper along the gum lines.
- Reach into deep spaces between teeth and gums.
- Protect gums, ideal for gum care.
The bristles are made from high grade PBT, more durable than ordinary nylon bristles.


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